A Better Way To Work™ program

If you are looking for a proven, reliable way to align your business with your soul purpose, “A Better Way to Work” is designed for you. A refreshing alternative to the ego energy oriented approach of “getting clients”, the program offers a structured way to ensure your business is an expression of your soul’s purpose!

A Better Way To Work™ is a groundbreaking coaching program that empowers clients to achieve and maintain tremendous success and fulfillment in their business and personal lives. This unique system integrates the best practices of successful entrepreneurs with advanced coaching technology and one-on-one coaching designed to get to the heart (and soul) of who you are and your life’s purpose.

At the heart of this program are three principles— Fulfillment, Sustainability, and Success - all are essential to the process of creating work, businesses and lives that are energizing, vital and alive with meaning.

Why it works. While our process has a clear structure, you design your own path. You define success in your own terms and you create your own personal path to success. But you do not do it alone! I have used this program on my business for nearly three years as well as with several clients. As your coach, I can help you get the most out of the program.

A Better Way To Work™ Program Details

Through learning, application and action, participants undertake a journey (typically taking 6-8 months) through self-exploration and discovery that leads to more strategic business and personal development. At the journey's completion, you will take away the following tangible outputs:

  • A deep understanding of what is important to you. Clarity about your:
    • core values
    • life purpose
    • strengths
    • highest vision for your life
  • A focused plan for realizing that vision which includes:
    • key strategies
    • specific measurable goals
    • a financial plan
    • a focused niche and value proposition
    • a pricing structure for products and/or services
    • a partnering model and plan;
  • A negotiating model and skills
  • Confidence and conviction in your plan, and the accountability and support to move into action and stay there.

To help you decide if this program might help you, we have designed a self-assessment. Take the assessment.