“Everyone can be great because everyone can serve”

Martin Luther King Jr.



Soul-Proprietor services are based on the following principles:

Gratitude: The chance to work in service of others is a gift. Making a living through service is a profound privilege. We remain rooted in our gratitude for that opportunity.

Service: Service is our soul’s purpose. Offering our service to our communities provides deep fulfillment to ourselves and nourishes the world. Through service we are rewarded both materially and spiritually.

Passion: Our deepest wishes for the world, our passions, fuel our offering. They are the source of our personal power and sustain us.

Community: We learn and grow within the embrace of supportive communities. We offer our service to strengthen communities that nurture the human spirit.

Sustainability: We seek to make a lasting contribution in the world. To be sustainable, our offering of service is materially and spiritually rewarding.

Leadership: We make a conscious difference in the lives of our communities. We embrace opportunities to use our leadership to uplift and enrich the lives of others.

Co-creativity: Our relationship with the world is a co-creative dance through which we generate our collective reality. We seek to improve our co-creative skills - becoming more skilled at creating the world we want to inhabit together.