Growing my practice by "Living from Passion and Purpose"

I was drawn to the Soul-Proprietor program because traditional marketing practices fill me with dread. Marketing my services was a chore and a bore and I was yearning for something different.

I have long held the belief that as I get clearer on the path I am meant to follow, doors open and the Universe (my spiritual concept) naturally supports what is for my highest good. Yet, out of fear, I continued with marketing practices that did not feel natural and congruent with my beliefs and values. So when I learned about the Soul-Proprietor program six months ago, I knew that it held the clues to what I needed.

When I started the program, I felt uncertain about the utility of my coaching in the bigger scheme of things. I didn't know how to integrate it into a bigger life vision that would empower me to build my practice with joy and ease. Following the steps of the Soul- Proprietor program and my own inner guidance, I discovered that my vision is to bring living from passion and purpose to as many people as possible. I have a baby girl and I deeply yearn to live in a world where from an early age, children are encouraged to look for answers within themselves and follow the life path that truly enlivens and has meaning for them.

To support my vision, my Soul-Proprietor project is a ten-week "Living from Passion and Purpose" program to help a group of ten discover and tap into the energy of their true passions, uncover their core values and unique gifts, clearly define their life purpose and live them!

I partnered with another Co-Active coach, Michele Roden Spruill, and together, we have brought this program to a highly diverse group of men and women. We are six weeks into the program and the results are amazing! Witnessing the transformation that is occurring in the program participants - faces lighting up, eyes beginning to twinkle, postures straightening up - as they tap into the excitement and power of making choices that reflect their true selves, is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

I learned so much from the Soul-Proprietor program, most notably that I don't have to do it alone. Being part of a supportive, nurturing and challenging Soul- Proprietor group empowered me to bypass my gremlins and keep searching for the community that I was impassioned to serve, people in the international development field.

The Soul-Proprietor leaders called me forth to claim my ally. My partner Michele, allowed me to share the joy and responsibility of implementing the project. Talking to members of the community we wanted to serve allowed us to uncover and address their true needs. Lastly, as we implement our project, we continue to co-create with our group an environment and experience that fosters learning and growth for all of us. I feel deep gratitude to be growing and learning and doing work that excites me and enlivens me to the point that it doesn't feel like work. My practice is finally growing from passion, joy and ease!

Natalie Matushenko