“As you forget self in service to others, you will find that, without seeking it, your own cup of happiness will be full.”


 What Soul-Proprietor graduates are saying about us:

The Soul-Proprietor program is a unique incredibly powerful way to approach your coaching practice.  Aside from the intrinsic rewards of letting my soul's passion lead me this approach creates more energy and forward momentum than any other kind of marketing I've tried. What's good for my soul is good for my community - and good for for my coaching practice. Amazing! - Jennifer Boyle

Clive and L.A. have not only changed how I approach developing my coaching practice but also have lovingly stirred me to a new understanding of how I want to create in general. Leslie M

I took Soul-Proprietor to grow my practice. And I knew that traditional methods of marketing did not work for me and did not fit who I am (I had experienced much frustration trying to make them work - cold calling advertising selling coaching etc.) I have successfully grown my practice in Soul-Proprietor....I have gotten in touch with a confidence that I did not know I had. I believe that this is because Soul Proprietor got me in touch with my soul - and when one is living from soul it shows and is magnetic. And confidence does not need to be manufactured for it simply exists. So I am trying less and yet the results are greater....How amazing is that! Mie Elmhirst MBA, CPCC

The Soul-Proprietor program awakened me to the power and strength of the passion within me. The program stretched me to find what I was so passionate about that it didn’t matter what other people thought of me. The leaders and community gave me the courage to allow my soul to bloom, and I’ve felt such incredible joy as a result…I’ve felt whole! I also gained the clarity I wanted to launch my coaching practice with a clearly defined niche, driven by my Soul-Proprietor project. An absolutely wonderful experience! Sue McKee

Soul Proprietor has been a life changing experience for me. It challenged me to look deeply at my soul and to honor my true self in a way that I have not known before. It instilled in me the belief that I can create my practice from a place of authentic service and leadership. The service principle has taught me to look again and again at how I can best serve my clients a frame of reference that has enriched my coaching powerfully.

Soul-Proprietor helped me to look more broadly at the impact I wanted to have as a coach and as a human being. The program deeply connected me with my passion and soul's purpose allowing me to let go of the worry about where my client's would come from so that I could focus doing the work I was meant to do. Both my coaching practice and my heart have expanded as a result of this program. -- Teri Heard Ralbovsky Career and Life Coach.

The Soul-Proprietor approach creating from service marketing from who we choose to serve is refreshing in today's business world. It's impact deepened my alignment clarity and enthusiasm with what I'm creating. Such permission and daring us to trust challenge and risk was and is invigorating personally professionally and financially. Thank you! Conner Loomis CPCC - The Coaching People